Deal or No Deal: Would You Make This Trade? Travis Konecny Version

With Danny Briere preaching a rebuild as the preferred direction for the Philadelphia Flyers, theoretically that means the team will consider trading its top players in exchange for future assets to rebuild upon. 26-year-old Travis Konecny is coming off a career year and represents their biggest trade chip when it comes to capitalizing on his current value. It has led fans across the league to put forth their best scenarios on CapFriendly’s Armchair GM tool to land the London, Onterio native. Much to the chagrin of Flyers fans, we went through and picked some of the best and most intriguing options for everyone to vote upon!

You’re the GM of the Philadelphia Flyers and the trades below come across your desk, do you make the trade?

Flyers Re-Tool by RMC

In a world where the Flyers are rebuilding, it really doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to returns via trade.

Brock Faber is a 21-year-old right-handed defenseman and a second round pick in 2020. He scored 27 points in 38 games at the University of Minnesota this season. Faber signed his entry-level deal in April.

Marco Rossi is a 21-year-old forward who was the ninth overall pick in 2020. Rossi had 51 points in 53 games in the AHL this season. He scored just a single point in 19 NHL contests.

Two top prospects in critical roles plus an additional second round pick should be a rebuilder’s dream for Konecny.

Would you make this trade?

Your 2023-24 Leafs Roster by CapFriednlysFinest

This trade utilizes Konecny’s best asset- his cost certainty. For argument’s sake, the author of the trade does note that this trade would be contingent on a Nylander extension.

Konecny has two years left at a $5.5 million cap hit, and Nylander has one year left at $6.9 million. Nylander has outscored Konecny in each of the last three seasons and has 430 career points in 521 games compared to Konecny’s 322 points in 488 games.

The Flyers get the more expensive, but far superior, player while the Leafs create a bit of financial breathing room and add a bit of bite to their lineup.

would you make this trade?

Flyers off-season by JSPSU

The Flyers have not strayed away from rehab projects, and none may have a bigger cash out option than 21-year-old former first overall pick in 2020 Alexis Lafreniere, who hasn’t exactly had a smooth transition to the NHL.

He had 16 goals and 39 points in 81 games this season with the Rangers, and has 91 points in 216 career NHL games over the last three seasons. He’s at the end of his entry-level contract and is currently a restricted free agent as of this writing.

The Rangers get a capable top six winger (at a $3 million cap hit with the $2.5 retention added in) and the Flyers get a high-reward rehab project in a high-risk trade. Is Lafreniere enticing enough by himself to move Konecny?

Would you make this trade?

23-24 by jwg314

The Sabres could be looking for a few high profile additions to finally help them back into the postseason, and Konecny would help out their squad of youngsters.

Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen is a 24-year-old goaltender who played 33 games of NHL action this season and registered a 3.61 goals against average and .892 save percentage.

Noah Ostlund is a 19-year-old forward who was the 16th overall pick in 2022. He signed his entry-level deal last summer and is expected to start the 2023-24 season in North America.

The Flyers add another young goaltender with upside to join Carter Hart and Sam Ersson, plus a young center prospect and the return of their 2023 second round pick they gave up two years ago in the Rasmus Ristolainen trade, which would be 39th overall.

Would you make this trade?

I want Backstrom and Mantha off my team by capsfan819

Hendrix Lapierre is a 21-year-old center who played six NHL games this season before being returned to his junior team where he posted 51 points in 40 games. He’ll make his full-time jump to the professional level next season.

If this a big enough return from not only just Konecny and Seeler, but from a divisional rival? They do get a prospect that will be at the professional level next season plus a trio of future draft picks, including an additional first in 2024, bringing their total up to three. Based on the direction the Caps are trending, it could very well be a top 10 pick. Realistically, Konecny will do very little to help right their ship, and the Flyers take away a few assets from a rival who will be entering a rebuild of their own soon enough.

Would you make this trade?

Off-season moves by Vinny82

This may be the most cookie cutter entry on the list, but it may also be the closest to reality with the Red Wings being a very believable dance partner for the Flyers when it comes to selling as both franchises are headed in different directions.

William Wallinder is a 21-year-old left-handed defenseman who was the 32nd overall pick in 2020 and signed his entry-level deal that kicks in next season.

The Islanders’ 2023 first is 18th overall and the Canucks’ second rounder is 43rd overall.

A high end defense prospect plus two extra 2023 picks in the top 50 is a great start for a rebuilding team.

Would you make this trade?

blues with bedard unrealistic by jruf

The Blues are an unconventional dance parter for the Flyers when it comes to a Konecny trade, but anytime a bit of main roster help and future assets come together, it is worth considering.

Torey Krug is now 32 years old and has four years left on his current deal at a $6.5 million cap hit. He scored 32 points in 63 games including 14 on the man advantage. The author’s theory was it’s an addition that will help the powerplay in the short term and the picks are the long-term gain.

The Flyers get help addressing the lackluster PP, plus two high picks including a bonus 2023 first rounder which will settle somewhere in the mid-20’s.

Would you make this trade?

By: Dan Esche (@DanTheFlyeraFan)

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