NHL Draft 2023: Who Will The Philadelphia Flyers Draft At 7th Overall?

Here we are again. The Philadelphia Flyers, will go another year without winning the NHL Draft Lottery.

Now that the Draft Lottery is over, It is time to turn to the NHL Draft and who the Philadelphia Flyers could possibly add, to an already young roster.

The Flyers have definitely gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to the Draft Lottery. The only time the Flyers drafted first was in 1975, this year is no different.

Now, with all the depressing thoughts out of the way, lets see who the Flyers could possibly add to their young team, as Interim General Manager Danny Briere, continues to try and rebuild.

Brayden Yager, C, Warriors

Shoots: Right
Height: 6’2
Weight: 187
Birthdate: 2005-01-03

Scouting Report: Brayden Yager, is an incredible player. Everyone knows that but what people don’t necessarily agree on is just how good of a prospect he is and, therefore, how high in the order he should be picked. Which could be in the Flyers favour, in terms of Yager falling to them. Part of that is due to the sheer number of quality prospects available in this year’s draft class. Another part of it is his own play; when considering all the highs and lows of his game, it’s hard to get a firm grasp on just how well he stacks up in comparison to some of his peers in this draft class.

Zach Benson, C/W , Ice

Shoots: Left
Height: 5’10
Weight: 159
Birthdate: 2005-05-12

Scouting Report: Some prospects are super flashy and make jaw-dropping plays several times throughout the season. Then there are other guys who play a full two-way game, doing a lot of the little things right. Someone like Anton Lundell comes to mind. Then there are those who have a blend of both, like Matthew Beniers. Zach Benson is somewhere between Beniers and Lundell, Benson has more offensive flair than Lundell. Zach Benson is easily one of the best skaters in this class, his edges are excellent, and he does a fantastic job using them to build up speed through crossovers. He moves so effortlessly, especially when accelerating up ice.

Will Smith “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, C, NTDP

Shoots: Right
Height: 6’0
Weight: 172
Birthdate: 2005-03-17

Scouting Report: Will Smith is a dynamic offensive player who is centering the NTDP’s top line this year and is very creative offensively while being reliable defensively. This year’s U18 team in the NTDP is a bit more sparse when it comes to top-notch draft prospects, with Smith being one of just four prospects who are generally considered to be first-round level talents. Smith is an above average skater, especially when it comes to maneuverability, which gives him an advantage in all three zones. He’s agile enough to quickly switch coverage on defense and usually fast enough to separate himself from defenders on the rush at the junior level.

Matvei Michkov, RW, NTDP

Shoots: Left
Height: 5’10
Weight: 148
Birthdate: 2004-09-12

Scouting Report: The 2023 NHL draft class is a loaded one. From the top with Connor Bedard and Adam Fantilli, it is arguably one of the best classes in recent memory. A part of that class is one of the best Russian prospects since Andrei Vasilevskiy and Alex Ovechkin. That player is Matvei Michkov, he is a forward playing for HK Sochi on a loan, in the KHL. Michkov, who is just 18, has played parts of the last two years in the KHL. He has totalled 43 games, scoring 11 goals and 14 assists. The Russian right wing has also played in the MHL and VHL. At the VHL level, he has played 12 total games, with 10 goals and four assists for 14 points. Meanwhile, at the MHL, the Russian equivalent of junior hockey, he scored 68 goals and 39 points in 107 points across 84 career games. That production is incredibly impressive for a young kid playing against men. He has been consistently ranked top-five, and that’s despite the “Russian Factor” that is usually cited.

Oliver Moore, C, NTDP

Shoots: Left
Height: 5’11
Weight: 176
Birthdate: 2005-01-

Scouting Report:

The Flyers seems to draft heavily from the USNTDP. In the last five Draft years, the Flyers have selected seven players with USNTDP ties, including 2022 first-round pick Cutter Gauthier (5th overall). The first thing anyone says about Oliver Moore is his incredible speed and for a good reason. In an incredibly deep draft class filled with high-skill centers, he might be the fastest of the bunch. He can get up to top speed in the blink of an eye, and if he’s given any space, he can blow by opponents like they were standing still. That level of speed allows him to dictate the flow of the game, as does his agility. He can spot and turn on a dime and change speed effortlessly, ensuring that no matter what happens, as long as he has the puck, his team will get a scoring chance.

Dalibor Dvorsky, C, Slovak

Shoots: Left
Height: 6’1
Weight: 201
Birthdate: 2005-06-15

Scouting Report: Few players possess the NHL size and two-way skill that Dalibor Dvorsky possesses. The Slovak forward is the next in what is a growing line of high-end Slovak talent. Unlike many prospects coming out of the Central European country, Dvorsky, has spent the last few years playing in Sweden, bouncing between the multiple leagues in the country. There is not a lot that Dvorsky can’t do, and he will likely be the top prospect in whatever system he joins after this summer.

David Reinbracher, RD, Kloten

Shoots: Right
Height: 6’2
Weight: 187
Birthdate: 2004-10-25

Scouting Report: David Reinbracher, currently plays for EHC Kloten, where he has spent parts of the last two seasons. So far this season, he has recorded three goals and 19 assists for 22 points in 46 games. Over those last two seasons, he has produced four goals and 29 assists for 33 points across 73 contests against men.

With those solid numbers for a young blueliner playing in the top Swiss league, it’s no wonder why he has been a consistently ranked first-round prospect.
When analyzing Reinbacher’s offensive game, he becomes even more intriguing. What makes a good offensive defenseman? The innate ability to get shots on the net from the point, the confidence to step up into the play, and strong vision and quarterbacking skills to set up plays consistently. Reinbacher has the uncanny ability to hit the net consistently, regardless of the amount of traffic at the net front. The Flyers are in need of more defenseman, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look into picking up Reinbacher at 7th overall.


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