Ron Hextall…Bad GM, Badass Goalie

It was recently brought to light that Ron Hextall made some very bad decisions as the Flyers General Manager. Do these bad choices truly tarnish his legacy as a goaltender? I understand cancel culture, and there are times when it is appropriate (yes,I am looking at you, Evander and Burt's eyebrows) but I have … Continue reading Ron Hextall…Bad GM, Badass Goalie

Part of the Game?

Chirping is a part of hockey, as much as fighting; however; there are times when both can go too far. For someone that cannot skate backwards, I do my fair share of chirping. Believe me, there will be some after this weekend. I have one co-worker who is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, and one … Continue reading Part of the Game?