Please God, Not Oskar Lindblom

Oskar Lindblom and Scott Laughton were added to the NHL's Covid protocol yesterday. With all respect to Laughton, and the other Flyers (Travis Sanheim, Justin Braun, Claude Giroux and Jake Voracek) on Covid Protocol, all that is going through the crazy that is my mind is Please, God, please...not Oskar Lindblom. That young man has … Continue reading Please God, Not Oskar Lindblom

It’s More Than a Game, Ovi

I am angry at Alexander Ovechkin. It is actually more than anger; it is closer to the white hot fury normally reserved for the New York Rangers, hypocrisy and a certain very recently exiled orange abomination. My intention today was to discuss in writing that hatred for the Rangers. As my disdain for the Rangers … Continue reading It’s More Than a Game, Ovi

9 Game Review #8: 6 Game Edition (Thanks, Coronavirus)

The rapid spread of the coronavirus has put a halt to life as we know it. Countries have are on lockdown. All non-essential facilities have closed. The highly contagious illness has caused the cancellation or postponements of conferences, concerts, and sports leagues, with the NHL being just one of many leagues to immediately cease their … Continue reading 9 Game Review #8: 6 Game Edition (Thanks, Coronavirus)

9 Game Review #7 – Philly is Flying to the Playoffs

Coming into this stretch of games, the Philadelphia Flyers played pretty well coming out of the bye week and All-Star Break to keep themselves in the thick of the playoff race. However, the past nine games saw the Orange and Black face a true make-or-break set of games, with most of their matches coming against … Continue reading 9 Game Review #7 – Philly is Flying to the Playoffs

Bad Time In Brooklyn

The Philadelphia Flyers faced off against the New York Islanders at Nassau Coliseum this Sunday to conclude their back-to-back games this weekend. The Islanders were looking for their seventh win against the Flyers as they were coming in off a six-game win streak. Things did not seem to go the Flyers way tonight. The Flyers … Continue reading Bad Time In Brooklyn