Playoffs…Pretenders or Contenders?

There has been so much talk on podcasts, in the papers, and on Flyers Twitter about the fact that the Flyers aren’t actually that far out of a playoff spot.  People have come to this conclusion because the Flyers are indeed a far better watch this year and aren’t really in the “bottom out for … Continue reading Playoffs…Pretenders or Contenders?

An “Aggressive Retool” Trade Deadline

We’ve heard the phrase "aggressive retool" over and over again since Chuck Fletcher's press conference last January.  I’m frankly sure that you are as tired of these two words as I am.  I want to present five moves that can happen this year at the trade deadline and a few extra moves at the beginning … Continue reading An “Aggressive Retool” Trade Deadline

Fletcher…Fear or Foresight?

In all of our occupations we have to make decisions.  Some of these are hard and others are easy.  A GM of a hockey team is no different.  For all of us, with every decision made, we make that choice based off of either fear or foresight.  So the question becomes, how does Chuck make … Continue reading Fletcher…Fear or Foresight?