Philadelphia Flyers Press Conference: “The Philadelphia Flyers Are Coming Back.”

Charlie O’Connor (@charlieo_conn)

On Friday afternoon, the Philadelphia Flyers hosted their first press conference with the new management.

This time around compared to other years, and maybe this is just fans getting their hopes again. But it did seem different, you could tell management actually believes in what they are saying. Using words like communication, teamwork, together, and unity. All words that show they are on the same page, as well working together and are understanding each other.

Management Presser today was with Dan Hilferty, John Tortorella, Danny Briere, Valerie Camillo, and Keith Jones.

There is a lot to unpack as the presser held a lot of key information and important things to look forward to in the coming years.

“There will be total alignment — not perfect but there will be total alignment between business and hockey operations.” – Dan Hilferty.

Comcast Spectacor CEO Dan Hilferty, had a lot to say about the direction this Flyers team is heading as he has a “BOLD” vision for the “New Era of Orange”

Also before truly addressing the media, Dan Hilferty made sure to speak about Ed Snider and his family, in honoring the legacy he has left behind. Hilferty also thanked, Neil Glasberg and Billy King for their help in the search process for a new President of Hockey Ops. He also said that the leadership plan is based around one main word: collaboration. “We intend to compete year after year. We will be transparent. This will take time, please be patient.”

With Comcast, comes hatred. Especially for Philadelphia fans, as they feel Comcast has screwed the Flyers over in past years. But Dan Hilferty “emphatically” says the Flyers are not for sale, which was a big question that came about during this process.

Dan Hilferty said POHO process started as soon as Danny Briere became interim General Manager. Said there was an extensive “long list” considered, many first round interviews then a short list of 3 finalists.

As well John Tortorella adds another amazing presser/interview to his long list from over the years.

“We will have arguments, but to know we are in it together, I’m thrilled.”
John Tortorella the Flyers media a new one stating, “I want to make a point, I don’t get when sometimes in this process when people start talking about Flyers alumni. Jonesy an ex Flyer, Danny an ex Flyer, why do people think they are diseased? Im proud they are Flyers, that care about this organization.. I don’t get the thinking out in this city. “oh its an ex Flyer again they’re doing the same way, GOD DAMN. it is so important to have that belief. I can’t wait to get to work.”

This is bringing the idea of how former Flyers Head Coach Alain Vigneault, wanted the Flyers to be. With the statement, “Be A Fuck*n’ Flyer.”

Keith Jones and Danny Briere could have gone somewhere else, but they chose the Flyers and that’s big.
Keith Jones said that he no interest in going from broadcasting to the management side, except for the Flyers. Wouldn’t have put his hat in the ring for any other NHL organization. Said being a Flyer meant a lot to him as a player and made this area his permanent home as well. Jones notes that he has strong relationships and friendships with many successful GMs and head coaches. Those connections, the implication is, should help facilitate things for the Flyers.

Danny Briere, was both spoke very highly about and spoke very highly himself about how much this organization means to him. He is very happy to be the team GM and hopes to bring the most he can to the organization. Keith Jones: “I have the ultimate confidence that Danny Briere is the right man for this job.”

Going back to Dan Hilferty as he answered a handful of questions himself. “I think of Ed Snider, and people said to me “are you gonna be like Ed Snider?” “I can only be myself.” “Leadership team, both from a hockey prespective and business prespective. Dan wants to be more hands on like Ed Snider, within the community and creating great opportunities for the youth. Especially within the Ed Snider programs around Philadelphia. Keith Jones also noted, “I don’t think Mr. Snider would be surprised to see me standing here today.”

“I’m just a fan when it comes to hockey. I’m the last person you should ask about hockey,” Dan Hilferty said. But he does know how successful organizations run, and that’s through collaboration, he said. “We intend to compete year after year. We will be transparent. This will take time, please be patient.”

The Flyers fans are left to wait and see if the organization can put actions to their words, in order to improve this time around.

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