In Defense of Tuuka Rask, and the Flyers, too

The President's Cup winning Boston Bruins were eliminated last night. Normally I would be doing a dance of joy (OK, part of me still is), but since the Flyers face the same fate this evening, my joy is tempered. I logged into my social media accounts a bit late this morning, dreading the end of … Continue reading In Defense of Tuuka Rask, and the Flyers, too

Have a Little Faith

The last time the Flyers won a playoff series was in the 2011-12 season. I have heard that sentence, or some variant of it, so many times since the 2020 playoffs started that I have lost count. If it were a drinking game, I would spend my days and nights comfortably numb. I have also … Continue reading Have a Little Faith

The Flyers are Back!

The Flyers opened training camp this week, and there will be live Flyers hockey on my television in under two weeks. I feel just like a kid before Christmas. Tonight I am watching one of the last few Flyers ‘rewinds’, the game in Montreal played on November 30th. While I didn’t watch this game live since … Continue reading The Flyers are Back!

Oskar Lindblom is Cancer Free!

In what can only be described as the best news of 2020, the Philadelphia Flyers announced today that Oscar Lindblom is cancer free. They posted the following video of Oskar ringing the bell on the teams official Twitter. When the Flyers win the Cup and dedicate it to Oskar, there will be a cheesey … Continue reading Oskar Lindblom is Cancer Free!